You asked: How do I make my baby k tan active?

Is the baby k tan supposed to be tight?

It is not uncommon for the Baby K’tan Carrier to feel tighter than expected when you first put it on, but this does not necessarily mean it is too small. The carrier will stretch with use and as baby grows and gains weight.

How long can you use a baby K tan?

Performance. The K’tan can hold a child from newborn to 35 pounds—that adds up to years of use—and the 100 percent natural cotton fabric is super comfortable for both baby and the wearer.

Can you wear baby K tan on back?

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier’s unique two-loop design and adjustable back support band distributes your baby’s weight across both of your shoulders and back, providing support for your back and shoulders. The fabric of each loop can be spread over your shoulders to further distribute your baby’s weight.

Do you have to use the sash with baby KTAN?

When placing your baby in a position where legs are free, the sash is required for extra support (sash is not required for Hip position, but is recommended). … Once positioned, tie on your sash to ensure proper support for baby and parent.

How do I know if my KTAN is too small?

Did I Purchase The Correct Size?

  1. If you are new to baby wearing, you may think the carrier is too small, however, a snug fit is optimal for securely carrying your child and for good back support. Click here if it feels too snug.
  2. Baby should be ‘Visible and Kissable’, click here if it feels slightly large.
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