When can I use Tula infant insert?

Can you put a newborn in a Tula?

The Infant Insert makes it possible to carry your small infant or newborn in your Tula Baby Carrier, and is required for use with a baby between 7-15 pounds. The insert enables the cozy carrying position, ensuring adequate head/neck support and healthy maturation of the spine in a front carry.

Do you need a newborn insert for Tula?

An Infant Insert is not needed with the Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier or the Tula Explore Carrier. The Tula Toddler Carrier cannot be used with an Infant Insert or any baby below 25 pounds.

Do you need an infant insert?

When and Why You Need the Infant Insert

It’s important to use the infant insert because it provides structured, cushioned head and neck support for babies 0-6 months old, as well as keeps your baby’s legs in the ergonomic “M” shape. This makes the carrier safe for their hips, legs and ligaments.

Can I use ergo infant insert in Tula?

Can you use the Tula infant insert in an Ergo (or the Ergo insert in a Tula)? Again, the answer is no. The infant inserts are made specifically for the different carrier brands: the infant insert by Ergo is made to make an infant fit in an Ergo, and the Tula insert is made to make an infant fit in a Tula.

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Which baby carrier is best?

The best baby carriers to buy

  1. Nuna CUDL: The best baby carrier for all ages. …
  2. Ergobaby Omni360: The best lightweight baby carrier. …
  3. Ergobaby Embrace: The best baby carrier for newborns. …
  4. BabyBjörn Original, BabyBjörn One and BabyBjörn One Air: The best baby carriers for newborn to toddler.

How much does a Tula carrier weight?

With a weight range of 15 – 45 pounds, our Standard Tula Baby Carrier is an excellent choice for a family who is looking for just one carrier to use during their most active babywearing period.

How long do you use the Doona newborn insert?

The Doona comes with an infant insert that is designed for smaller infants to specifically position them correctly in the Doona. The infant insert should be used until your little one is about 11 pounds, as it provides a nearly flat ergonomic position to support your baby’s posture.