How do you store big baby toys?

How do you store a lot of toys?

Rolling Toys In and Out

Carts or shelves with wheels are handy for storing toys and wheeling them out of sight when you’re done with them. An inexpensive cart with shelves can be filled with the stackable toy bins or baskets and put away in a closet or laundry room area.

How do you sort toys out?

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Sort. Start by sorting through the toys so that you can make a rotation plan. …
  2. Organize. Think of how your kids play and with whom. …
  3. Arrange. Choose how you’ll arrange the toys based on your play area. …
  4. Store. Group your out-of-rotation toys and put them into bins. …
  5. Rotate. …
  6. Purge.

How can I organize my toys without a playroom?

How to Organize Toys Without a Playroom

  1. Use furniture that has storage.
  2. Use a bookshelf.
  3. Use baskets, bins, and buckets.
  4. Organize toys according to type.
  5. Label everything.
  6. Use closet space.
  7. Declutter toys regularly.
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