Does teenage pregnancy affect education?

What are the effects of teenage pregnancy on education?

Teen mothers are more likely to drop out of high school. Recent studies, though, have found that many of these mothers had already dropped out of school prior to becoming pregnant, but those in school at the time of their pregnancy were as likely to graduate as their peers.

How does lack of education affect teenage pregnancy?

Other factors contributing to adolescent pregnancy

Girls who have received minimal education are 5 times more likely to become a mother than those with higher levels of education. Pregnant girls often drop out of school, limiting opportunities for future employment and perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

Why teenage pregnancy is a problem in school?

The findings revealed that teenage pregnancy causes tension in the girls’ families; the physical changes and experience of pregnancy impacts on their school life; pregnancy causes emotional instability in the teenage girls’ lives and their education is indeed disadvantaged.

What is the negative effect of teenage pregnancy?

How does teenage pregnancy affect teen mothers? Teens are at a higher risk for pregnancy-related high blood pressure (preeclampsia) and its complications than average age mothers. Risks for the baby include premature birth and low birth weight. Preeclampsia can also harm the kidneys or even be fatal for mother or baby.

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Why does education affect teenage pregnancy?

Moreover, the level of education was associated with the age at which an adolescent girl became pregnant and being enrolled in school delayed childbearing. Therefore, the longer an adolescent girl can stay in school, the higher her education level will be, and the lower the risk of teenage pregnancy is for her.

What are three consequences of teenage pregnancy?

According to the National Institutes of Health , there’s a higher risk of the following in teenage pregnancy:

  • preeclampsia.
  • anemia.
  • contracting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • premature delivery.
  • delivering at low birth weight.

Why is teen pregnancy linked to poverty?

Economic Wellbeing and the Cycle of Poverty

Teen pregnancy is strongly linked to poverty, with low income level associated with higher teen birth rates. … Teen mothers are less likely to complete high school or college, and are therefore less likely to find well-paying jobs.

Can a female student be kicked out of school if she is pregnant?

No! You have the right to stay in school if you become pregnant or a teen parent. Your school cannot treat you unfairly or harass you just because you’re pregnant or have a child; the school also can’t kick you out or force you to go to a different school.

How does teenage pregnancy affect your future?

Teenage pregnancy can have a profound impact on your future. Without the proper support and help, a teen mother is less likely to finish high school and pursue a career. Teenage pregnancies remain a serious health and social problem in South Africa.

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What is the impact of teenage pregnancy?

Teenage births result in health consequences; children are more likely to be born pre-term, have lower birth weight, and higher neonatal mortality, while mothers experience greater rates of post-partum depression and are less likely to initiate breastfeeding [1, 2].