Are swim diapers the same as pull ups?

Is a pull up the same as a swim diaper?

No, they are different things. A pullup is like a diaper, it expands to hold urine while also holding in bowel movements. In the water, a pullup will expand and explode much the way any other diaper would. A swim diaper is snug-fitting to hold in bowel movements but it does not hold in pee.

Can you use pull-ups for swim diapers?

Incontinence should never stop you from enjoying a beach day or a family trip to the pool. Our swim pull-ups for adults are the perfect product for those that want to swim, but experience incontinence. With a waterproof exterior and an absorbent core, swim pull-ups allow you to swim freely without worrying about leaks.

What can I use in place of a swim diaper?

Almost ANY cloth diaper can work as a swim diaper. It’s true! We have used Bummis, Bumgenius, and Softbums shells as swim diapers and they all work perfectly.

Are swim diapers effective?

Swim diapers of all three brands exhibited an approximately equal fine-solids retention capability of about 98 to 99 percent over 30 minutes of water immersion activity. Conventional disposable diapers invariably fell down or came apart during the experiments, resulting in very limited solids retention.

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