Your question: Is Kraft Mac and Cheese safe during pregnancy?

Is Kraft Mac and Cheese toxic?

Kraft Mac & Cheese is safe, and like others in the food industry, we are working to learn more about how trace amounts of phthalates may be introduced into certain products and if there is anything else we can do to reduce or eliminate them.

Are there phthalates in Kraft Mac and Cheese?

Monday’s complaint cited that phthalate levels were four times higher in the cheese powder samples than in natural cheese at levels of . 2 to 2.5 parts per million. … It cited that Kraft’s response has been that it does not add phthalates and that there are only trace amounts.

Is Kraft dinner bad for pregnancy?

Kraft’s new Mac & Cheese

Phthalates can pose a risk to small children and pregnant women as they can affect male hormones and have been associated with genital birth defects in infant boys, the New York Times reported. They have also caused learning and behavioral problems in children.

Which mac and cheese does not have phthalates?

General Mills’ Annie’s mac ‘n cheese first-ever food company to eliminate toxic phthalates in food processing equipment.

Does Kraft Dinner contain phthalates?

Notably, eight of the nine Kraft samples included in the 2017 study contained phthalate traces. … In January, for example, Taco Bell released a statement detailing its commitment to eliminate phthalate traces in its packaging by 2025.

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Can you make Kraft mac and cheese without milk?

When you’re making Kraft macaroni and cheese out of the box, you’ll notice that the recipe requires you to add both milk and butter. But if you’re out of milk, you can skip that step and simply double up on the amount of butter (and a bit of water) to make up for the difference.