What is the pleasantest thing a child can do?

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What is described as the pleasantest thing?

(a) What is the ‘pleasantest thing’? Answer: The pleasantest thing is going up in the air in a swing.

What are the things that the child see on the swing?

Answer: Answer: The child sees the green garden and a house with a brown roof when the swing comes down.

What is the poem about the swing?

The Swing‘ by Robert Louis Stevenson is a simple profession of love for the joys of swinging told from the perspective by a young speaker. The poem begins with the speaker asking the listener how much they like to swing up into the blue air. This is a rhetorical question, as seen by the speaker’s quick response.

How does the child feel about the swing?

Answer: the child describes that it is the most pleasant thing which a child can do and swinging on it we see across the world………we feel great going up and down….

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How high can the child swing answer?

Explanation: Highest position= 4.5 m Lowest position= 2 m So the swing comes down a height of (4.5–2)= 2.5 m from the …

What do you enjoy on a swing?

While swinging, we experience a full range of sensation, from the calming rhythm of our to-fro movement to the excitement of rapid travel through space and time. These experiences are linked to pre-birth childhood movement in the mother’s womb and the child’s first sensation of gravitational forces.

Why does the poet find the swing interesting?

It is the most pleasant and joyful thing a child does by swinging up in the air so high. The poet further says that by swinging in the air, he can see across the wall, many things like trees, river, cattle and all other such things. This way, he keeps on swinging up and down watching the nature and enjoys the ride.

Why does the child like to go in a swing?

Answer: Just like infants enjoy a gentle rocking motion, young children tend to enjoy gentle swinging motions to help them relax and fall asleep faster. The back and forth and spinning motions help balance neurological activity in your child’s brain, settling haywire minds into a more restful state.

How does the poet feel when the swing goes up?

Answer: Robert Louis Stevenson is explaining in this poem how childish mind can swing as per its wish. No one can guarantee what this mind will think at any situation. Sometimes it will feel to fly, sometimes it will feel to walk on water and sometimes it will feel to get disappear.

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Who wrote the poem the swing?

Where is the poet and mention the things which we can see?

= the poet is on the swings and he can see river,trees,cattle and all over the countryside.