What is baby protect tumble dryer?

What does baby protect mean on Beko dryer?

Use the child-proof lock in order to prevent the children to tamper with the dryer. C Child-proof lock is on the control panel. (

Do tumble dryers have child lock?

The Child Lock function is used to stop children tampering with the tumble-dryer’s drying cycle. When Child Lock is on all buttons except the Power Button and Additional Functions button are disabled. Activating and deactivating the Child Lock function varies between different models of dryer.

Why can’t babies tumble dry clothes?

Tumble drying shrinks your clothes

I’ve put socks and pants in the dryer only to get them out when dry and they don’t fit even the smallest child in our house. … The heat from the dryer expands and contracts the fibres of the fabric and the constant change in heat can make the fibres shrink.

What does tank full mean on dryer?

See All Steam Cleaner Spares.

Is it better to air dry or tumble dry baby clothes?

A low heat tumble dry is usually the safest setting for anything you don’t want to shrink. High-heat drying doesn’t really have much of a benefit except it’s usually a lot faster. But it’s also a lot more likely to mess up your clothes.

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Can I tumble dry newborn clothes?

Drying Your Baby Clothes

Your baby’s clothes can be dried just like you would any of your own clothes. Things like sweaters and lacy dresses should probably be laid flat to dry. However, most other items are fine to let tumble.

Should I wash my baby’s clothes before she is born?

You should definitely wash baby’s clothes, blankets and other washable items that will come in contact with her skin. It’s not necessary to do it before she’s born, but it’s a good idea to do it before she wears them. … Baby’s brand new birthday suit hasn’t toughened up yet.

How do I get the child lock off my Bosch tumble dryer?

Simultaneously press and hold the “Programme Duration” and “Ready In” buttons for 3 seconds. You may choose to switch on or off the child lock at any given time. The child lock will remain active even after the appliance has completed its cycle and has been switched off.

Why does my dryer have a lock symbol?

A padlock being displayed is to highlight that the “Child lock” function has been activated. When the child lock is engaged it will stop you from performing any action apart from turning the appliance on or off via the button/control dial. Usually, the child lock buttons will be highlighted on the control panel.