What do you do with old baby clothes?

What should you do with old baby clothes?

5 Things to Do With Old Baby Clothes

  1. Save the Most Special Pieces. Take a cue from Joanna Gaines, and create a special keepsake bin for each child with your most cherished pieces. …
  2. Hand Them Down. …
  3. Donate. …
  4. Get Crafty. …
  5. Repurpose.

What do you do with baby clothes that no longer fit?

Give back to your community by donating clothes that are old or no longer worn. For example, go through your baby’s closet and find outfits that don’t fit and hold no sentimental value, then donate them to parents who may be less fortunate.

How do you repurpose baby items?

20 Genius Ways to Reuse Baby Stuff

  1. Turn the crib into a toddler reading nook. …
  2. Convert an old baby wipes container into a traveling LEGO fun box. …
  3. Change the changing table — into your new bar cart. …
  4. Transform your kids’ favorite onesies into a quilt. …
  5. Turn an old diaper box into a cute storage bin.

How do you let go of baby clothes?

If you’re ready to start letting go, Hirning advises selecting a number of smaller items (like clothes) to hold on to. Then, group the rest of your baby’s things into categories from ‘easiest to get rid of’, to ‘most difficult’. Let go of the ‘easiest’ stuff first. Repeat the process after about a month.

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Can I store baby clothes in attic?

For best results storing baby clothes, make sure you keep them in a dry, cool, humidity-controlled environment. This means you want to avoid attics, garages, and basements. The ideal spot is under a bed or in a closet.

What can I do with baby clothes that no longer fit UK?

Bank baby clothes

Schemes such as Oxfam’s Wastesaver send second-hand clothes to Mozambique, Malawi or Angola for emergency use, and provide warm winter clothing for homeless and destitute people both in the UK and abroad. Even your wrung-out old muslins can be used, as Scope spokesman, Rob Dyson, explains.

How quickly do kids outgrow their clothes?

On average, children grow out of their clothes every six months.

Can I donate used baby bottles?

Baby Bottles

While sanitation and cracks can be an issue, the real culprit is the chemical BPA that’s present in most older bottles—and as of June 2012, the FDA no longer accepts that as safe. So think twice about donating an old baby bottle.

How do I donate baby clothes to Africa?

If you want to help provide clothes for needy children in Africa, consider donating your gently used baby clothes through a reputable non-profit charity organisation. Choose a reputable non-profit charity organisation that accepts and distributes donations of baby clothes.

Do women’s refuges take clothes?

Refuges. The Women’s Refuge sometimes accepts donations of clothes and toys. Contact your nearest branch to find out where you can drop off donated goods.