What can you take for upper respiratory infection while pregnant?

Is upper respiratory infections common in pregnancy?

Although respiratory infections usually are not seen more commonly in pregnancy, they often result in greater morbidity and mortality secondary to the physiologic adaptations that occur during pregnancy. Pregnant patients who have one of these disorders require a higher level of surveillance and intervention.

Can upper respiratory infection cause miscarriage?

A viral infection is a contagious illness. Most viruses will not hurt your baby. However, some viruses can cause miscarriage or birth defects in your baby. A virus can affect your respiratory tract (breathing) and can cause other symptoms.

Can upper respiratory infection hurt baby?

Most of the time, the woman doesn’t get infected. Even if she does, most viruses won’t hurt her baby. However, some viruses can cause miscarriage or birth defects in the baby.

Can I take mucinex while pregnant?

Cough medicine

Expectorants like Mucinex, cough suppressants like Robitussin, vapor rubs like Vicks VapoRub, and cough drops are all considered safe during pregnancy.

How do you get rid of a chest infection when pregnant?

Most treatments for viral pneumonia are considered safe to use during pregnancy, and catching pneumonia at an early stage means anti-viral medication will usually eliminate the illness. A doctor may also recommend respiratory therapy. If a person has bacterial pneumonia, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

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What is the fastest way to get rid of a upper respiratory infection?

How is acute upper respiratory infection treated?

  1. Nasal decongestants can improve breathing. …
  2. Steam inhalation and gargling with salt water are a safe way to get relief from URI symptoms.
  3. Analgesics like acetaminophen and NSAIDs can help reduce fever, aches, and pains.

Can you take Benadryl while pregnant?

The takeaway. Benadryl is considered to be safe during pregnancy. Doctors and nurses recommend this OTC medication to help relieve allergy symptoms, even while you’re pregnant. Recent studies have found Benadryl to be safe.

What happens if a pregnant woman gets RSV?

A new study published in the Feb 1 issue of Plos One suggests that pregnant women infected with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) can transmit the bug from their respiratory tract to the lungs of their unborn baby – resulting in altered immunity development after birth.

What is the fastest way to get rid of a upper respiratory infection while pregnant?

Treatment of cold and flu

  1. Increase rest.
  2. Increase fluid intake.
  3. Fever. Try to keep your temperature below 100.4° F. Light, loose clothing allows heat to escape from your body. …
  4. Congestion. Extra humidity can relieve nasal stuffiness. Irrigate the nasal passages using a neti pot and warm saline water.
  5. Cough.

Can you take Vitamin C while pregnant?

You can easily get the vitamin C you need from fruits and vegetables, and your prenatal vitamins also contain vitamin C. It’s not a good idea to take large doses of vitamin C when you’re pregnant. The maximum daily amount that’s considered safe is 1800 mg for women 18 and younger and 2000 mg for women 19 and over.

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What to do if you get sick while pregnant?

Home remedies for cold and flu during pregnancy

When you fall ill while pregnant, your first steps should be to: Get plenty of rest. Drink a lot of fluids. Gargle with warm salt water, if you have a sore throat or cough.