Is W Sitting bad for babies?

At what age is w-sitting bad?

Is W-sitting a problem? On its own, W-sitting is actually not something you need to be too concerned about. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute shares that this sitting position is often observed around age 3, but then naturally fades out of routine as children grow.

What happens when a child sits in W position?

In the w-sitting position, a child makes a wide base with their legs and relies on that rather than using their core posture muscles. They may begin to use this base to make up for a lack of core strength.

Can w sitting cause out toeing?

Feet turning in while they W sit day after day for several years can lead to turned-in toes in other activities, like standing, cruising, and walking. It causes muscle tightness – in the hips, hamstrings, ankles, and feet.

Does W sitting cause knock knees?

W sitting can cause orthopedic problems with hips, knee, and ankles, including hip dislocation, knee instability, “knock knee position,” and “pigeon toe.” Pigeon toe walking may increase the child’s chance of back or pelvic pain as they grow.

Can you damage baby’s spine?

A spinal cord birth injury can occur when doctors strain a child’s neck by pulling, twisting or using tools to remove the baby from the birth canal. Undiagnosed damage to the spine before birth can also result in a spinal cord injury during delivery.

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