How does it feel to be pregnant with triplets?

What are the symptoms of triplet pregnancy?

What are the signs of a multiple pregnancy?

  • Severe nausea and vomiting (morning sickness).
  • Rapid weight gain in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Sore or very tender breasts.
  • High human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) levels — this hormone is made during pregnancy and is what a pregnancy test picks up.

How early do you start showing with triplets?

How many babies you are carrying will also affect how much your uterus needs to stretch, and mean that perhaps you show earlier – so if you’re expecting twins, triplets, quadruplets, or quintuplets, then you might show as early as 6 weeks.

How many weeks are you pregnant with triplets?

A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. The average length of a pregnancy for triplets is 32 weeks and for quadruplets 30 weeks. Continuing a pregnancy with triplets or more for longer than 36 weeks can be risky both for you and the babies, so it’s usually considered best to deliver them early.

How much do triplets usually weigh at birth?

Low birth weight.

Twins and triplets often don’t have a chance to reach a healthy weight before they’re born. While the average single baby weighs 7 pounds at birth, the average twin weighs 5.5 pounds. Triplets typically weigh 4 pounds each, and quads weigh 3 pounds each.

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How do I get pregnant with triplets?

There are several factors that increase your chances of being pregnant with more than one baby:

  1. Heredity. If you have a family history of multiple babies during pregnancy, it’s more likely that you will have twins or triplets.
  2. Age. …
  3. Previous pregnancies. …
  4. Race. …
  5. Ovulation-stimulation medicine. …
  6. In vitro fertilization (IVF).

How do you take care of triplets?

Here are some ways to support each child’s individuality:

  1. refer to them by name, rather than as “the twins” or “the triplets”
  2. avoid dressing them alike as they get older.
  3. keep their clothes in different drawers.
  4. give them their own toys.
  5. give them separate gifts and cakes on their birthday.

Can triplets be born full term?

Will I carry my triplets full term? The average length of pregnancy for triplets is 34 weeks, and it is most likely that your babies will be delivered by caesarean section, and with a lot of doctors and nurses assisting at the birth. You and your babies will be in very safe hands!