How do you remove child proof dresser drawers?

How do you take the drawers out of a child safe dresser?

How to Remove Broyhill Dresser Drawers

  1. Pull the dresser drawer out half way. Remove any of the items in the drawer.
  2. Try to pull the drawer all the way out, slowly. …
  3. Stand to the right side of the dresser, facing it, and pull the drawer out as far as it will go. …
  4. Push the latch inward, toward the track, to release it.

Why won’t my dresser drawers come out?

If the drawer won’t come out when you give it a firm tug, it probably has stops mounted on the back of the drawer. … If so, the best way to remove the drawer is to lift the front of the drawer about 6 inches to slightly pivot it, then pull forward gently when the stops clear the cabinet frame.

How do you open a stuck wood drawer?

Troubleshooting a Stuck Drawer

Check that something isn’t blocking the drawer from inside. If there is a large object jammed inside the drawer, use a long, thin dinner knife or other dull item, such as a metal ruler, to gently jiggle the item back into place so that the drawer can open freely.

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