How do you make Enfamil AR?

How do you prepare AR formula?

If you’re using Enfamil A.R. ™, formula for spit-up, wash your hands thoroughly, measure out your powder and add it to the water. Cap the bottle and shake it well, let the bottle stand for five minutes, then shake it again before serving.

How do you make a 24 caliber Enfamil AR?

❒ To prepare Enfamil Premium Infant 24 calories/ounce from powder: Place 4 ¾ fluid ounces (142 ml) of water in a container. Add 3 unpacked level scoops (26.4 grams) of powder to container. Shake or stir well.

Is Enfamil AR discontinued?

Enfamil Prosobee and AR 8oz 6 packs have been discontinued. Enfamil Prosobee will be available in a 32 oz bottle. This document contains sensitive confidential and proprietary business information of Mead Johnson Nutrition.

Can you fortify Enfamil AR?

Human milk fortifier is the only product intended to fortify breast milk, as the Enfamil A.R. … Due to the viscosity of Enfamil A.R. when mixed to higher concentration, it is not recommended to concentrate over 24 calories per ounce.

Can Enfamil AR be refrigerated?

Once prepared, Enfamil®powder formulas can be kept in the refrigerator (35-40° F or 2-4° C), covered, for up to 24 hours and Enfamil liquid formulas up to 48 hours. A prepared bottle can be kept at room temperature for up to a total of two hours.

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Does Enfamil AR cause weight gain?

Enfamil AR is a special formula for frequent spit up that is associated with poor weight gain. AR is a milkshake consistency, so this formula actually does prevent the act of stomach contents from entering the esophagus at all or as far up because of how thick the formula is.

How do you make Enfamil AR 22 calories?

❒ To prepare Enfamil Premium Infant 22 calories/ounce from powder: Place 3 ½ fluid ounces (106 ml) of water in a container. Add 2 unpacked level scoops (17.6 grams) of powder to container. Shake or stir well.

Can I fortify breast milk with formula?

Breast milk can also be fortified by adding powdered formula to it and giving the combination in a bottle. It is not appropriate to use cow’s milk or other milk alternatives to fortify breast milk.

Can you mix breast milk and Enfamil AR?

Safety Tip. You should never add undiluted powdered infant formula or concentrated liquid formula directly into your breast milk, and you should never use your breast milk in place of water to mix concentrated or powdered infant formula.

How do I fortify 24 calorie formula?

To make 24-calorie per ounce formula:

If you have the concentrated liquid formula, mix 3 ounces (89 mL) of formula for 2 ounces (59 mL) of water. If you have the powder formula, mix 3 scoops of powder with 5 ounces (148 mL) of water.