How do I play with my 12 month old?

What do 12 month old babies like to play with?

Your baby’s ability to get around and never-ending curiosity boost learning now. So give your baby chances to safely explore. Your baby may enjoy playing with egg cartons, blocks, balls, stacking toys, and push-pull toys. When your baby is in the bath, provide squeeze toys and cups and containers to splash around with.

How can I play with my 1 year old baby?

Developmental play

  1. Create a sensory station. From the moment children are born, they use their five senses to learn about the world. …
  2. Build a busy board. …
  3. Count on fingers and toes. …
  4. Write in sand or rice. …
  5. Play with blocks. …
  6. Sort toys by color. …
  7. Complete puzzles. …
  8. Make a discovery basket.

What should I be doing with my 12 month old?

Creeping, crawling and cruising along the furniture will eventually lead to walking. By 12 months, your baby might take his or her first steps without support. Better hand-eye coordination. Most babies this age can feed themselves finger foods, grasping items between the thumb and forefinger.

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What kind of activities can you do with a 1 year old?

The Best Activities for 1-Year-Olds

  • Colorful objects help kids develop visual skills.
  • Blocks or graspable objects support fine motor skills.
  • Baby-safe mirrors and books for tummy time encourage gross motor skills.
  • Musical or stackable instruments help kids with cognitive development.

How long should a 1-year-old play alone?

Building Skills

Though 15 minutes is about the longest you can expect a 1-year-old to play alone, giving her opportunities to do so is worth the effort — and not just because you need to fix dinner.

How can I stimulate my 1 year old’s mind?

20 Ways to Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power

  1. Give your baby a good start before birth. …
  2. Turn up the baby talk. …
  3. Play games that involve hands. …
  4. Be attentive. …
  5. Foster an early passion for books. …
  6. Build your baby’s love of her own body. …
  7. Choose toys that allow babies to explore and interact. …
  8. Respond promptly when your baby cries.

How many words should a 1 year old say?

By the time your baby is a year old, he or she is probably saying between one to three words. They will be simple, and not complete words, but you will know what they mean. They may say “ma-ma,” or “da-da,” or try a name for a sibling, pet, or toy.

How do I interact with my one year old?

Speak slowly and clearly, and keep it simple. Your 1-year-old might still be communicating with gestures such as pointing at pictures or at something he or she wants. Gestures will get more elaborate over this year as toddlers use them to imitate actions, express themselves, and play.

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What skills should a 12 month old have?

Movement Milestones

  • Gets to sitting position without assistance.
  • Crawls forward on belly by pulling with arms and pushing with legs.
  • Assumes hands-and-knees position.
  • Creeps on hands and knees supporting trunk on hands and knees.
  • Gets from sitting to crawling or prone (lying on stomach) position.
  • Pulls self up to stand.