How do I make a baby shower invitation online?

How do you make a baby shower invitation on Microsoft Word?

Open Word, click the File tab and select New. Type baby shower in the Search for Online Templates text field. Click the Baby Shower template and then click the Create button.

How do you do a virtual baby shower on coronavirus?

Video baby shower

Divide the event into different activities much like you’d do in person, with chunks of time for guests to socialize, play online quizzes and games (think: “celebrity baby name game”), and have mom-to-be show off the baby’s nursery or do a virtual gender reveal.

How do I create a party invitation in Word?

How to Make Invitations in Word

  1. Step 1: Set the Page Size and Margins. Open a new, blank Word document. …
  2. Step 2: Add the Text. Type the text in whatever way makes the most sense for your invitation. …
  3. Step 3: Add a Border. …
  4. Step 4: Add Lines or Images. …
  5. Step 5: Print the Invitations.

How many should you invite to a virtual baby shower?

The first step to planning any baby shower, virtual or otherwise, is to consult with the guest of honor and create a guest list. We recommend keeping the guest list small (no more than 15 people) for several reasons.

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How does Web baby shower work?

WebBabyShower is a private way to be online together, with video & photo albums, guest books, games, a gift registry and built-in email invitations and birth announcements. We have a unique co-host system, so you can have friends or family help out with uploading photos, videos, etc. and share in putting it together.

How many is too many for virtual baby shower?

Virtual shower sites typically don’t have a limit as to how many people can be invited. So plan a 115-person guest list (Or 215. Or 3…it’s totally up to you!) That said, Babylist recommends keeping the guest list at a number that is manageable for you as “too many guests can get chaotic on video chat.”