Frequent question: How do you fill out a baby shower invitation?

Do you put baby name on baby shower invitation?

Typically, you should use her full name. However, if she has a well-known nickname, that’s okay, too. If it’s a shower for the couple, include the spouse or partner’s name as well. If the couple knows what they’re naming the baby and don’t mind sharing it, you can include that, too.

How do you fill out an invitation?

How to Fill Out Birthday Invitations

  1. Write who and what the birthday party is for. …
  2. Include the full date and time for the party. …
  3. Put the full address and name of the party location. …
  4. Give guests your contact information so they can verify if they’ll attend or not, and in case they need to contact you for any reason.

How far in advance should baby shower invites be sent?

Think about it this way: The typical baby shower should take place around your sixth or seventh month, and shower invitations should be sent out about four weeks beforehand. So you’re looking at about your five- or six-month mark. Earlier than that, guests might forget.

How do you fill out an invitation for a child?

What to write on your kids party invitations

  1. Your child’s name.
  2. Your child’s age.
  3. The time and place of the birthday party.
  4. The theme of the birthday party.
  5. Your RSVP details.
  6. The RSVP deadline.
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