Can you eat raw ahi tuna while pregnant?

Can you eat raw tuna steak when pregnant?

Experts recommend that you eat no more than the following each week: four medium-sized cans of tuna (with a drained weight of 140g, or 5oz, per can) OR. two fresh tuna steaks (weighing about 170g, or 6oz, raw or 140g when cooked)

How do you cook an ahi tuna when pregnant?

Cooking Tuna

If you’re pregnant and eating tuna, make sure it’s cooked to an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit, advises the Colorado State University Extension. Seared tuna, which is often left rare in the middle, may be unsafe during pregnancy.

Is all ahi tuna high in mercury?

For more information about the specific mercury levels of your favorite fish, see our Smart Seafood Buying Guide. Avoid a few key species. King mackerel, marlin, orange roughy, shark, swordfish, tilefish, ahi tuna, and bigeye tuna all contain high levels of mercury.

Can you eat medium rare tuna when pregnant?

Can I eat seared or smoked fish during pregnancy? Fish that is seared is typically partially raw or undercooked. Since it’s not all fully cooked to a safe temperature, it’s best to avoid during pregnancy.

How safe is ahi tuna?

Ahi tuna’s relatively high mercury content can pose a health risk, causing symptoms that can include insomnia, difficulty concentrating, nausea, vomitting and pain in your mouth, according to the Department of Pediatrics at NYU Langone Medical Center. It’s especially harmful for young children and pregnant women.

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How much mercury is in AHI?

Levels in Different Species

Species Mercury in ppm Mercury (in mcg) per 3 ounces (85 grams)
Light tuna (canned) 0.126 10.71
Skipjack tuna (fresh or frozen) 0.144 12.24
Albacore tuna (canned) 0.350 29.75
Yellowfin tuna (fresh or frozen) 0.354 30.09