Can I use Vari Flow teats on anti colic bottles?

Can you use normal teats on anti colic bottles?

DO NOT use Closer to Nature teats with Advanced Anti-Colic bottles. Using the wrong teat on your bottle will reduce the effectiveness of the unique anti-colic venting system and the teat may collapse. DO NOT clean, store with or allow to come into contact with solvents or harsh chemicals.

When can I use vari flow teats?

The vari flow teats are used to allow baby to control the flow of the milk by using their own sucking strength. The stronger baby sucks, the wider the cross in the teat opens and the quicker the milk flows. Vari flow can be used right from birth as baby is able to get as much or as little as he needs.

Can you use Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature nipples on anti colic bottles?

No, you can’t use Closer to Nature nipples on Advanced Anti-Colic bottles. Closer to Nature nipples have a built-in air valve, and don’t work with our Advanced Anti Colic bottles.

Can I boil Tommee Tippee bottles?

Can you boil bottles to sterilise them? Yes you can. You’ll need to make sure that bottles, teats and other baby feeding items are submerged in boiling water for at least 10 minutes. If you use this method regularly the heat may damage some items more quickly so you may need to replace them more often.

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What’s the difference between Vari flow and medium flow teats?

Cow and gate or HiPP Organic? Aptamil or Hipp organic milk? Hi Ashley, Why don’t you try and see how your lo gets on with the vari flow teats.

What happens if teat flow is too fast?

If the nipple is flowing TOO QUICKLY, your baby may: Gulp or choke. Purposely let milk dribble out. Make frowny eyebrows and look worried.

Which Tommee Tippee teats to use?

Tommee Tippee has categorised their teats by age: Size 1 for 0-3 months, size 2 for 3-6 months and stage 3 for 6 months+. These ranges are simply for guidance and your baby should let you know when they need to move up to the next stage. If they are comfortable then you do not need to change.

What’s the difference between slow flow and Variflow?

The slow/medium/fast flowing nipples have a round hole, and the vari flow has an x-shaped slit. … Vari Flow nipples were made to help breast milk fed babies with combating nipple confusion and transition between the bottle and breast easier.

How do you use Avent variable flow teats?

By turning the bottle and aligning the position marker on the side of the teat with the baby’s nose you can vary the flow to suit your babies needs. It is generally faster at the beginning and slower towards the end (align marker I for slower flow, II for medium and III for fast flow).

What teats are good for newborns?

A Level 1 or newborn teat generally comes on every bottle and is a great starting point for many babies. Ideal choice for your infant if she is feeding well and shows no signs of feeding challenges.

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