Best answer: What is a diaper called in England?

What is a nappy British slang?

plural nappies. Definition of nappy (Entry 2 of 4) chiefly British. : diaper sense 3. nappy.

Is nappy a British word?

noun, plural nap·pies. British. a diaper.

What does it mean to be a sappy person?

English Language Learners Definition of sappy

: sad or romantic in a foolish or exaggerated way. : foolish or silly : not thinking clearly or showing good judgment.

What’s another word for diaper?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for diaper, like: nappy, , diapers, bootee, HemPresto, napkin, washcloth and swaddle.

What is the origin of the word nappy?

Nappy’s history is tangled up in the arrival of the first slave ships on the coastlines of the Americas in the 17th century. The likely origin of the term is the word nap, which was used to describe the frizzled threads raising from a piece of fabric.

What is underground in American English?

Here you will find words which have different meanings or are spelled differently in British and American English.

British and American English – Vocabulary – N – Z.

British English American English
underground, tube subway
underlay carpet pad
undertaker mortician

What is British garbage?

Rubbish is a synonym for garbage or trash. The word is more commonly used by speakers of British English than by speakers of American English. The noun rubbish also means writing or speech that is worthless, untrue, or nonsense, especially in British English.

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What are diapers called in other countries?

In many countries, a diaper is also called a “nappy.” A baby can wear a diaper, but you can also diaper a baby, which means to put a diaper on.

Is a napkin a diaper?

A serviette; a (usually rectangular) piece of cloth or paper used at the table for wiping the mouth and hands for cleanliness while eating. (Britain, South Africa) A nappy (UK), a diaper (American). … A sanitary napkin.

How do you say napkin in South Africa?

Senior Member. To me, napkin is American English and serviette is British English. It doesn’t matter if it is paper or cloth. In South Africa I’m sure it’s always serviette.