#BigBugs at San Antonio Zoo

* I’m a member of the San Antonio Zoo’s Mommy Blogger program, and receive a membership and access to special events throughout the year to share my thoughts with you all. As always, opinions expressed here are strictly my own!

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Bug Mania has hit the San Antonio Zoo and the minis and I went for a sneak peek on members preview night. They all loved it soo much that we went right back the next day for round 2!

What is Bug Mania, you ask? I made a little video for you so you can see for yourself. Scroll through to get a peek!

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Mommy & Me Style with Visionworks

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Fate was definitely messing around with me when it put together the genes to make the mini queen (my one and only girl out of 4). I was imagining a mini-me to come out with all my features and a head full of dark curls, just like her brothers. What I got was a bleach blonde (who’s hair eventually darkened to light brown) with not one distinct feature of mine that I can name. But that doesn’t stop us from twinning. Every time she asks me, “mama, can we dress the same today?”, how can I resist that?!

We’re partnering with Visionworks to show off some Mommy & me styles made better with some cute coordinating frames from: Chelsea Morgan, Guess, and Vera Bradley! Scroll through to see all our looks.

Oh, and if they somehow mixed this girl up at the hospital, I’m not giving her back!

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Microblading at Studio420 Brows


I spent yesterday morning with the fabulous Kristin of Studio420 Brows at the St. Anthony Hotel as she and her partner, Heather, mircrobladed the eyebrows of a couple of my friends, live on Great Day SA (see the segment here).

If you follow me on instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen me post about my microbladed brows done by Kristin; I’ve been absolutely in love with them since day 1! I’ve received soo many messages and questions from you ladies that are interested in having them done yourself, about the process, that I put together this video for you, taking you through the steps of getting microbladed brows. Please note that this was my touch-up appointmet, so you don’t see the measuring and custom shaping that they do for everyone at their first appointment, but other than that, this is the entire process, and what you can expect when you visit Kristen at her studio!

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Blo Me + A Giveaway

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You guys have seen my hair, you know there’s a lot of it. It’s long. It’s thick. It can’t make up it’s mind about whether it’s curly, wavy, or just frizzy. For all those reasons, I rarely get my hair done. RARELY. But, sometimes you just get in the mood to grab a gal pal and head out for a couple hours of pampering.

Me – “Want to get blowouts next week?”

Jackie – “Yes, please!”

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My Entourage & Their Entourage

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I’m sure you’ve heard me refer to the minis as “my entourage”. When I get invites somewhere, “Sure, but I’ll have my entourage in tow.” “Is it kid friendly? I’ll have my entourage with me.”

We’re a very active family: museums, zoo, parks, farmers markets, amusement parks; we do it all. We don’t like sitting still. As a mom of 4, keeping these babes corralled can be somewhat of a challenge. My entourage is much easier to contain when they’re in their Entourage®.

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Date Night Looks with Element Boutique

Last week I did a segment on Great Day SA sharing date-night looks for Valentines Day, that were all about dressing to fit your personal style, and foregoing the traditional red. Three of my fabulous friends joined me as models, all wearing looks selected from local San Antonio store, Element Boutique.

Scroll through to see a few screen-shots from the segment, and to watch it for yourself!

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