Get to know me

Hi all and welcome to Champagne Taste. C’mon in, grab a cup of coffee (or a dirty vodka martini if it’s been a rough day) and make yourself at home!


I’m Christina. A getting too close to 30, dabbling fashionista, mommy of 4, chasing my minis down in heels, who’ll never turn down a glass (or bottle) of champagne! After being a world traveling Air Force brat, my minis and I are now settled deep in the heart of Texas. While my plane hopping, world exploring soul aches to get up and go back home to Europe, San Antonio is currently home, and a pretty great one at that.

This hodgepodge of a blog of mine is my life and musings. A little bit of fashion, the local scene, mommy hood and life in general. Follow along as this family of 5 goes through life taking all the jabs and punches that being a parent of 4 brings.

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