A Different Kind of Brunch

* I’m a member of the San Antonio Zoo’s Mommy Blogger program, and receive a membership and access to special events throughout the year to share my thoughts with you all. As always, opinions expressed here are strictly my own!

Y’all know the minis and I are big fans of brunch. This past weekend, we did our Sunday brunch a bit differently; we had a Beastly Breakfast at the San Antonio Zoo.  The babes ran back and forth between bites of pancakes, and playing with Uma, the Zoo’s resident hippo. Scroll through to see more, and to book your own experience.

So cool, right?!

Uma had breakfast right along with us. As part of the Beastly Breakfast experience, you get to see Uma get fed some of her favorite treats (melons), speak to her care takers, and learn a ton by asking any questions you want (and all us parents know how many questions our little ones ask). River had a slew of questions, like, why do they have whiskers on their nose and mouth? Answer – they can’t really see that area, so the whiskers are there to help the feel and sense what’s around them.

This is the exact reason we love doing programs like this; the minis are all such big animal-lovers and being able to get up close and personal with them like this only helps to foster their interest. When I used to homeschool, many a lesson were held at the Zoo.

If your minis, or hell, even just you, would like to book your own Beastly Breakfast, you can choose between the hippo experience or the giraffe experience.

For more on what you can get a load of while visiting the Zoo, click here to see a peek into what you can expect while Bug Mania is on display.





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