….and then my baby turned 2



You guys, I’m a teary mess right now. This last little squish of mine is officially 2 years old. The other 3 minis have learned to stop asking me “why are you crying,” and just ignore my random outbreak of tears throughout the day (it’s already happened quite a few times), and the mini babe himself has been tolerating my extra hugs and squeezes; possibly due to the endless supply of chocolate coins he’s receiving.

Scroll through some of my favorite snaps of him, and see how this babe has grown.







Definitely not my 5pd. itty-bitty anymore.

I know all you fellow mamas know how I’m feeling. I don’t think anyone ever notices the passage of time more acutely then when watching your child grow. Maybe I’m taking this one harder than the other 3 because the certainty that he’s my last one. This is it. The newborn/baby stage of my life will now, too quickly, become just memories, no more present tense.

Atlas Edward, oh my squish, how you’ve made our life complete. How did your brothers, sister, and I exist without you? My sweet child. I love the first-time magic in which you see the world. You make the ordinary, amazing. You share your last bite of food, give kisses unbiasedly, hand out high-5’s, push those pudgy legs of yours to keep up with the older ones, and utterly melt me.

Happy birthday, baby boy!

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