Your (not so) average bowling date – mommy & me pt. 1



*big thank you to Bowl and Barrel for letting us invade their space for the morning and to my fabulous photographer Jackie Willome!

As a mom of 4, it’s tough getting in one-on-one time with each of my minis but it’s something that I try to make a priority. They all need their time of undivided attention to have mommy all to themselves and to talk to me about the important things on their mind, you know, why it’s imperative that they have to have that $100+ lego set, how the light fairies make rainbows for us, or a page-by-page walk through of their latest highlights magazine.

Mommy & me dates are something that I look forward to, something that the minis adore and something that I’ll hold onto for as long as I can!

It was mini queen’s turn most recently and she chose bowling as her activity, specifically, bowling at Bowl and Barrel, no ordinary bowling alley will do for my little diva!














This is bowling gone glam. Upscale bowling. Hipster bowling. From the setup and decor to the food, this place is fabulous and anything but what you stereotypically think of when the words “bowling alley” come to mind. Is it weird to call a place photogenic; because Bowl and Barrel is.

Due to the fact that my 3 yr. old (one and only) girl and I have no photos together, I jumped at the chance to turn this mommy & me date into a photoshoot! We don’t go for the regular sit-still studio photos, I’m all about capturing our real moments, our real smiles, our real fun.

This girl was quick to remind me that, “Mama, you know that you’re not that good at bowling (in her very sweet, kinda feel sorry for you, voice)…. but I’m very good!”

We had such a wonderful time together and have soo many good pictures to share that I had to break this post up into 2 parts. Come back tomorrow to see the rest, I promise they’re worth it!

Oh, and bowling in tulle; is there any other way to do it?!



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