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*thank you to Laura Dolman for contributing todays post

Custom products are becoming more on trend than ever before. I can see 2015 being a big year for those of us who love to have stylish items that have been tailor made to suit our individual styles and preferences. I don’t know about you, but I love nothing more than being spoiled for choice when I make a purchase. If a product is well-priced and it offers us the option to customize it, then it has to be worth a look. The idea that we can customize various aspects of our life, from homeware to fashion is intriguing. It is something that more companies recognize as great business potential. As buyers, our options are really opening up.

After looking into all things customizable and stylish, here are some of the highlights that can be custom made to suit your needs.

1 – Shoes
What could be better than a brand new pair of designer shoes? A fully custom designed pair, that’s what! The right shoes can make a great impression on any number of occasions. You might be looking for the perfect wedding shoes to have custom made, or perhaps you want to get creative with some casual sneaker design. There are stores and brands out there who will cater to your needs. Brands like Nike and Converse will allow you to custom build your shoe design. This is great for when you want to create a pair of shoes that go with the majority of the outfits in your wardrobe. Or for when you want to create some seriously ‘stand out’ footwear. Wedding shoes or some killer heels for special occasions can be custom made in a variety of ways. Some stores will fully make you a pair of shoes from scratch, based on your design. This is perfect for the fashionista who has everything. Other stores will take a pair of your own shoes and upcycle them with a design of your choice. You can opt for something simple and classic or a bold and striking design that will turn heads.

2 – Purses
Bags and purses can be custom made to suit any occasion. You can use cheap options such as CafePress or go down the designer route. There are many designers out there who will let you be part of the entire design process. This is great for any budding fashion designers out there who want to create a one-off fashion piece for themselves. You can choose from materials such as leather for the ultimate in designer quality or why not create a simplistic cotton tote bag? These are ideal for taking to work or school. You can even use them to do the grocery shopping.

3 – Phone Cases
Phone cases are so customizable these days. You could create your own monogram for your initials and have this printed on a phone case. Or why not think up a catchy phrase or pick your favorite book quote and have this made into a custom design instead?

4 – Stationery
I love the idea of having your name embossed onto stationery. Cute phrases and sayings on pencils and pens are so in fashion right now. The whole world has gone stationery mad, and custom stationery is a great way to keep organized, but stay stylish. You can also have a special pen engraved. This would make a great gift idea for someone special.

5 – Mugs
Mugs are highly customizable. You can upload a picture on most printing websites and have your family’s faces on your favourite coffee mug. Or if you are handy with a paintbrush, why not draw some original art and scan it in. This could then be printed onto a mug to create an everlasting piece of artwork. A fun and functional gift or homeware item.

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6 – Stamps
Many people don’t know that you can create custom postage stamps. This is a great way to send stylish family postcards and letters. Having photos of your kids printed onto anything instantly adds a little bit of charm! You could even design these for business use and have a company image or logo added.

7 – iPad accessories
With so many people having iPads these days, it’s no surprise that there are options for custom design. You could have your name, or a phrase etched into your iPad itself or as a gift for someone. If you don’t want to create something so permanent, you could design your own iPad case instead. This would allow for versatility, and it will also ensure that your iPad stays protected. Great for people on the go a lot!

8 – Business Cards
A good business card can attract lots of attention to your business or services. Some of the business card designs that you can find; are truly inspiring. Getting creative with designs really makes you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons and will show that you’re not afraid to think outside the box.

9 – Websites and blogs
Don’t forget that you can completely customize your website or blog. If you are good at coding and web design, you can do this yourself. If not, you could hire a professional to create the design that you envision. You can create everything from a beautifully stylish custom header for your blog, to custom social media icons. If you can see it on your blog, the chances are that it can probably be custom designed. This is ideal for anyone wanting to create a personal blog that reflects them and their passions. You could even add a picture of you and your family in your design so that people can see who they are interacting with on a personal blog page.

10 – Beauty products
Beauty products are big business. It is great to hear that now you can even custom design your own items. Perfume brands are now also offering the option for beauty and fragrance fanatics to come in and make their scents. Pick your favorite parts of a fragrance and add your twist!

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  • Reply The Fashionomad January 20, 2015 at 12:08 am

    I think that bags/purses/clutches with initials are the ultimate luxury, especially when they’re Goyard or Vuitton! And personalised jewels are very expensive but they are a great gift !
    I also have this huuuge crush on the ponchos Burberry made for their models for the F/W 2014 show, although I would never wear that since I’m not Cara Delevingne and that would seem very pretentious to have my initials on my poncho haha x

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