Looking great while pregnant


*thank you to Laura Dolman for contributing today’s post

Being glamorous is never easy. If you think it’s hard to look good on a daily basis, try looking good when you’re pregnant.

When you are carrying a child, your body changes in ways you could never have imagined. Getting used to your new body can be difficult. Lots of soon-to-be mothers try and hide their figure away under loads of clothing. Doing so will make you feel like an elephant. Instead, embrace your new figure and looks. Pregnancy is a beautiful time in your life, and you deserve to feel gorgeous during this period. Here is how you can look great while you’re pregnant.

Find flattering maternity clothes
Maternity clothing can be boring. Many stores have a range of maternity wear, but often the range consists of baggy trousers and huge sweaters. When you’re shopping for your new shape, make sure you look for clothing that accentuates your bump, instead of trying to hide it. You should take pride in your bump and find clothes that suit your new shape. Don’t be afraid to try on a fitted maternity dresses. The dresses might make your bump look big, but they will make the rest of your body look incredible.
Keep makeup simple and minimal
When you’re pregnant, you might feel like you need to wear loads of makeup to look gorgeous. You don’t. Your skin will look radiant when you are expecting a child. You should try and work with your skin, not against it. Forget wearing foundation. Instead, use some mascara and a little lip-gloss.

Try out a brand new hairstyle
One of the major benefits you will have read about in your pregnancy resource is thick hair. When you fall pregnant, your hair becomes thicker than it was. That means that during your pregnancy is an ideal time to try out a new hairstyle. You can try out loads of new styles with your new, luscious locks. Having a new hairstyle will make you feel amazing. Sometimes when people are pregnant, they stop bothering with their hair. Don’t make that mistake.

Make sure you are comfortable
As soon as you are pregnant, you will realize that comfort is your top priority. Ensure that you are comfortable in what you wear. When you choose maternity clothing, make sure it fits you well so that you will be cosy when wearing it. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when you’re pregnant. Your body will cause you loads of discomfort, without you wearing uncomfortable clothing. Make sure that you choose comfortable shoes. When you are comfortable in your skin, you will always look great.

Accept your imperfections
When your body changes, you will find that certain things don’t look great. Many pregnant women find that they gain weight on their ankles and their wrists. There is nothing you can do about this weight gain so you should learn to accept it. You might think that people are staring at your ankles when they see you, but that is not the case. People are more likely to spend time marveling at your bump.

Enjoy your natural beauty
When you are pregnant, you get more beautiful. Your skin will improve. Your nails will grow. Your hair will get thick. These small changes will mean that you look awesome. Many women feel insecure when they are pregnant. They think that their bump makes them unattractive. Remember, you are as attractive as you feel. If you walk into a room with confidence, you will appear to be the most-attractive person in the room. Pregnancy means you are beautiful and, even if you can’t see it yet, you look amazing!





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  • Reply Darlene Ysaguirre October 21, 2014 at 11:39 am

    You look great! Cant even tell you have had 3 kids let alone on your fourth. Thanks for the post.

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