Bumpdate – weeks 16-18


I have hit and passed the 4th month of pregnancy and am now 4 1/2 months along!

The big event of week 16 was baby’s movements going from flutters to full on kicks and punches. I can definitely feel my mini babe settling in and making him/herself comfortable in there and I love it! Hubby still can’t feel the kicks for himself yet, I guess they’re not intense enough for the outside world to notice but I’m enjoying these little jabs because I know what big rib cracking kicks are coming up later on down the line.



I’m relieved to finally say that I’m off the anti-nauseas meds on a daily basis and nothing has made me want to hurl for a while now 😉 Yay progress! All my blood work has been done to determine if baby has a high risk for down’s or other genetic disorders and everything has come back normal. The “no news is good news” rule on this test makes me cringe every time my phone rings. “Please don’t be my midwife, please don’t be my midwife!” But an appt. with her last week confirms that there were no red flags with my tests and mini babe’s heartbeat was strong and perfect.

I’m up a half an inch around my waist since month 3 which brings me to a total of 3″. I usually stay (relatively) about the same size during the middle of my pregnancy and then month 8 & 9 come along and BAM, there’s the belly!

Peek into my last bumpdate post to see what weeks 14 & 15 were like.

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  • Reply Jennifer Crowder May 8, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    So cute!

  • Reply christinacoker May 8, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Thank Jenn 🙂 I’m having fun documenting my final pregnancy & trying to preserve all the memories from it

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