Gift giving ideas

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The gift giving time of year can be stressful. We all have that one person that’s just impossible to come up with a gift for. Here are a few tips that’ll hopefully help in your search for the perfect something.

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Fashion – Look carefully at what she is wearing. Does she wear the same top or skirt often? Is it her favorite? Note the color or pattern. Check the neckline and the length. Now buy something as close to the same as possible. Clothes we love enough to wear again and again soon wear out. Having a spare for wash day or to replace the original will be gratefully received.

Chocolates – I don’t mean just a box off the shelf at the grocery store. Take your time to find a high-quality chocolatier and pick a selection she won’t be able to say no to! Try one of these Venchi present for her.

Memory boxes  – This is a great gift to add your personal touch to. Find a good sized gift or memory box that you or the grandkids can add pictures to or hand paint or otherwise decorate. Items like these are usually the most cherished. Not the mention the functionality of a storage box that can hold and hide clutter.

Gift Cards – Traditionally, it has been considered rude to let the recipient of a gift know what you spent on them. With a gift card, it’s right there in front of them! However, vulgarities aside, a gift card for a tricky relative can be very warmly welcomed, particularly in time for the January sales. Why pay hiked-up holiday season prices for something that will be half price in two weeks time? It gives the recipient a chance to buy something they really want when they need it. A gift voucher for a named product or service, for example, a spa day and pampering session, may be a less conspicuous way to do this.

E-Reader – Most people enjoy reading, whether it is a magazine, a novel or a biography. E-readers provide thousands of titles at your fingertips, and can prove to be a far more comfortable read for someone who is always losing their reading glasses or wants the convenience of any title anywhere.

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