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disclosure: I was invited out to the Habitat Home Center to participate in their don’t trash it campaign and to help spread awareness of their San Antonio locations. All words, opinions and project idea are 100% honest and my own

Have you ever heard of Habitat Home Center? Until very recently, I hadn’t. This home improvement thrift shop sells both new and used home improvement materials to the public. They take donated items from businesses and individuals and 100% of proceeds from sales goes right into the San Antonio Habitat for Humanity program! We’re lucky enough to have 3 locations right here in our Alamo City!


I’ve partnered with the Habitat Home Center to take part in their #DontTrashIt campaign. This project involves local San Antonio bloggers utilizing donated items from the shop to repurpose them into something new. You know that I’m all about DIY, crafts and being on a budget so I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this!

The hubbs and I headed down there this past Monday afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised! I admit I was slightly worried it’d be mostly junk, broken items, etc.. but as soon as the hubbs opened the door he said, “Oh, we’ll definitely find something here.” You will find things that need work and some TLC, but you’ll find new items as well, and all at truly unbeatable prices! There were rows and rows of gorgeous tile in every pattern and shade, laminate wood flooring, lamps, chairs, furniture, doors, cabinets, even things like paint and painting supplies and brand new toilets! It was hard for me to focus and pick just one project idea. There were soo many items that I loved and wanted to re-do.

I finally settled on these dark wood cabinet doors.


Thinking of my minis’ playroom and how we’re remodeling it to make them an arts and crafts corner, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with these.



Using chalkboard spray paint, I turned these into the perfect art display frames and chalkboard.

These cabinets were in perfect condition so besides give them a quick wipe, I didn’t have to do a thing!

Here’s how you can DIY at home.

You’ll need….

– cabinet doors

– chalkboard paint. I’m using green krylon chalkboard spray paint


-wood glue

-painters tape (i was out and actually just used packing tape and it worked perfectly)

-mini clothes hanger clips found at hobby lobby


-staple gun

After cleaning the cabinet doors, tape off the edges if you want to make a full chalkboard or cover the middle of the cabinet if you want to paint the edges.


Spray your pieces in quick even strokes. You”ll probably want to put on 2 or more coats.

To add the mini clothes pins to hang your work from you can do it 1 of 2 ways. Either glue your pins directly onto the frame or staple a piece of ribbon to your frame to clip the pins to. I made one of each.



I chose to write one of my favorite art quotes on the chalkboard I made, but I’m sure it won’t be long until the minis erase it and take it over!



How cute and simple is this project?! I think I had all 3 pieces done in just a couple of hours, the longest part was waiting for the paint to dry! And they look amazing and my minis already love them and are excited about having a place to display their art work. The best part is that it’s soo easily changeable, they can put up and take down as many masterpieces as they want! Well, actually, the best part might be that these cabinets were only $3 each!

They’re already hanging up on the wall in the work-in-progress art corner of the playroom and I’m thrilled. I actually want to make a few more. My minis have a ton of work to display!

If you’re interested in learning more about Habitat Home Center check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and if you’re interested in donating items call (210) 223-3647. Follow #DontTrashIt on Twitter and Instagram to see all the other bloggers’ projects.


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  • Reply Kim August 29, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Love it! I have been meaning to go check it out. Awesome artwork 🙂

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