sss, sss, sss, snake

buh, buh, buh, bus

kuh, kuh, kuh, cow

Mini monster River has recently started in home speech therapy. In fact, he’s just finished up his 2nd session.

River’s just turned 3 and he’s still having trouble annunciating all of his words and making sentences. For example, if he doesn’t want to take a nap he says something like, “me, naa, no.”

The hubbs and I didn’t worry to much about it too much as he was growing because every child grows at his/her own pace and I knew I couldn’t compare him to his older brother, who could make fully comprehensible sentences by the time he turned 2. Plus, River’s smart. It’s not just my biased motherly opinion, the pediatrician and speech therapist tell me too. He knows more than an average 4 year old, which I so proudly take credit for since he doesn’t go to daycare and I’m the one home with him everyday teaching him all I can (let me have my mommy pride gloating moment)!

That on top of perfect hearing and vision caused us to let him go at his own pace. But with the celebration of his 3rd birthday, I decided to look search out some help and found therapy 2000.

After coming over and meeting with River, they recommended twice a week 1/2 hour in home sessions.

Due to the fact that River has never had a nanny or babysitter, I was worried about how he’d bond with a stranger 1-on-1 but he loves his teacher! As I said, it’s only been his 2nd session but he was so excited for his therapist to get here that he was waiting by the window to see her car drive up and open the front door for her!


He’s loving his “playdates” and his teacher is so impressed with his knowledge. I haves such high hopes and I’m just as excited as he is about the twice weekly sessions!

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