DIY handprint reindeer ornaments

There’s always room on our Christmas tree for one, or two or three, more handmade Christmas ornaments from my mini’s.

So far this year we’ve added a wooden angel and a clay tree from River and a wooden snowman, clay gingerbread man and picture from Rayne. Today we’re adding a Rudolph from each.


This ornament was an arts and crafts project put together by myself and another class mom for Rayne’s class Christmas party. Rayne had to miss his party, so I made extra crafts baggies for him and River to make at home.

To make your own handprint reindeer keepsake, gather up some brown foam board, pipe cleaners, red jewels, glue, wiggle eyes, and a pen.


Trace your child’s hand on the foam board and cut it out.


The thumb will be the head and the 4 fingers will be the legs.

Glue on your red jewel nose at the tip of the thumb and then glue on the eyes. Rayne chose a side profile with one eye and River wanted a front face with two eyes.


Next, cut the pipe cleaners to the size antlers you want and poke a hole through the foam board near the top where you want the antlers to go. Twist the antlers through the hole to secure them. Add more horns by cutting smaller pieces of pipe cleaner and twisting them around the antlers.


Poke another hole through the foam board where you want the tail to go and twist that through. Decorate your reindeer how you want with extra pipe cleaners, jewels, stickers, etc…

Thread through some ribbon or an ornament hook and hang them up on the tree or give them as gifts to family members!



Merry Christmas!

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