The gift of giving

I’ve always tried to teach my children the importance of appreciating what they have and giving to those that are less fortunate. What better time than the holidays to help instill that in them.

My work is sponsoring a family that is in need and donating clothes and gifts for the 7 children, ages 2-14, in that family.

I decided that for my children to experience giving first hand, I wanted them to be hands on and personally help someone. So we’ve made personalized stockings filled with goodies for all 7 of those children.

My mini’s have taken part in every step including picking out and buying the stocking stuffers, helping me personalize them with the kids’ names and filling them.






I’m so proud of them and touched by their love and want to give.

Now all that’s left is to hand deliver them to the family, which my mjni’s will be doing at a special Christmas Eve dinner hosted at BJ’s restaurant.

I can’t wait to see my children giving and sharing in the holiday spirit and lighting up some other children’s faces!

As my 8 year old son Rayne was stuffing a stocking he said, “I hope this is going to be their best Christmas ever. That’ll make me so happy.”

Stay tuned to see the end results!

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