Make your own flavored syrups for coffees, teas, etc…

I have years of bartending experience and more years than that as a full fledged coffee addict (the first step’s admitting it right) Something that both of these things have taught me is that I can do it myself FOR LESS!

The things that make those cocktails and coffee blends oh-so irresistable is the flavors. You can spend a ton of money on your favorite flavored syrups, or, you can make them yourself!

Here is another great DIY project for all my readers! How to make your own flavored syrups.  These are great to use in coffees, teas, sodas, cocktails and even for baking! And the best part of making your own, besides all the money you’ll save, is all the flavor combos you can make!

For this simple recipe, you’ll need sugar, water, any fruit, spice, herbs, etc… that you want, and a saucepan and stove.

I like to use equal parts of sugar and water (ex. 1 cups sugar to 1 cups water) I always suggest starting with this small amount so you can try it out and experiment first.

Take your cup of water and cup of sugar and combine them in the saucepan over medium heat and add in your flavoring of choice.  Do not leave unattended, and keep stirring.  When all the sugar is dissolved, set aside and let it cool.  Strain and pour into your container of choice!

For the flavorings, if using fruit, cut into pieces before adding into the syrup.  If you’re using a fruit with a rind, do not cut the rind off, use it all. When the fruit is boiling in the syrup, mash it up a little so it releases more of it’s flavor.  Use a handful or 2 to start, try how you like the amount of flavor and then adjust to your liking.  If you want cinnamon, use a few whole sticks.  Vanilla, use the whole beans and scrape the insides out into the syrup. If you want caramel, you’ll have to use a caramel syrup, about 1/4 cup per cup of syrup you’re making.

Here are some yummy combos I like.

strawberry mint – about 1/2 cup cut up strawberries and 5 or so mint leaves

cinnamon vanilla – 1 cinnamon stick and 1 vanilla bean

caramel orange – 1/2 cut up large orange, rind and all and 1/4 cup caramel syrup

Store your syrups in sealed containers in your frig. They’ll keep for about 3-4 weeks, but I bet you’ll be using them so much that they won’t even last that long! Use these syrups in your coffees, teas, iced or hot, sodas, cocktails, and even to add an extra splash of flavor to your baking! They make great gifts in mason jars with homemade labels.

What flavor combos are you wanting to try or to recreate?

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  • Reply procrastistamper June 20, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    At one point you say to use equal parts sugar and water, and then you go on in the next paragraph to say, “Take your cup of water and 2 cups of sugar…” Can you clarify which ratio to work with? Thanks 🙂

    • Reply Christina June 20, 2013 at 10:30 pm

      Thank you for pointing this out to me, it’s never been brought to my attention. Sorry for the confusion. I recommend using equal parts of sugar and water 🙂

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