Besh Big Easy pt. 2



Back track to yesterday’s ‘Besh Big Easy pt. 1′ to see the start of last weeks celebration event for Chef John Besh’s new cookbook release at Lüke where mama and I snuck out for some girl time.  There was just too much goodness to narrow down to one post. How could I not show it all!

I ate until I was uncomfortably full. It was all just too good not to gorge on. The seafood gumbo was my favorite, although the roasted duck was a very close second. And the dessert bar. Oh the dessert bar! One of everything made it’s way to my plate. Hey, they were bite sized!

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Besh Big Easy pt. 1



Shrimp and Grits, Duck Jambalaya, Seafood Gumbo, Fried Catfish, a seafood bar; it’s all on the menu when Chef John Besh takes over Lüke to celebrate the release of his latest cookbook, Besh Big Easy.

It’s no secret that I adore Lüke and everything that comes out of Executive Chef, John Russ’ kitchens so when you bring in the big boss, it of course made it a don’t-miss event that I had to attend.

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2016 San Antonio Cocktail Conference



I spent this past Monday night at Bohanan’s sipping on craft cocktails, snacking on things like duck confit tostadas and chatting with some fellow SA bloggers.

It wasn’t just a social hour though, it was for “work” (have I said it enough, I LOVE what I do). That cocktail in hand is the Beso de Agave, the official drink of the highly anticipated 2016 San Antonio Cocktail Conference and I have the recipe to share with you so you can mix some up (shaken, not stirred) for yourself!

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Exploring the city (for less) as a foodie

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I’m sure you know that I’m a bit of a foodie (I’m actually heading to a dinner tonight at Lüke to meet Chef John Besh and sample creations from his new cook book!). As a half-Korean girl who grew up traveling around Europe, “normal” was assorted cold cuts and cheeses for breakfast, sashimi for lunch, schnitzel for dinner and eating kimchi with everything. I love exploring cultures and new places through food and I’m an adventurous eater! One of the reasons that I’ve come to love San Antonio as much as I do is it’s wide diversity in cuisine and it’s rise in the culinary world; it’s so much more than people think.

My current beer-budget could stop me from eating out and trying all the local restaurants that San Antonio has to offer but it doesn’t. You might not think it, but Groupon‘s dining deals help me afford it all!

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Mid week mani


It’s been MONTHS since I’ve done my nails, so long in fact, that when I looked through my blog to see when the last time I did a Mid Week Mani post was, I had to go all the way back to April to find one (see it here)!

This past weekend I felt the sudden need to look at my hands and see something pretty so out came my polish stash.

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Out with the old – Varage Sale

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As a general rule, before I go shopping, I make sure to go through my closet and sell things. Not only does this free up space for what’s coming in, it also funds the shopping that I’m about to do! I’m currently in the middle of a wardrobe purge (not to mention a need to fund holiday spending) and I’ve been utilizing Varage Sale to get rid of the unworn items in my closet.

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