August 28, 2014
by christinacoker

Bumpdate – weeks 31-34

8 1/2 months along as of yesterday! Even though the time has flown by and I’m trying to cherish every moment with mini babe growing inside of me, the plain ol’ uncomfortable stages of pregnancy have hit.

Trying to paint my toe nails; forget it. Sleeping through the night; I wish. Walking around SeaWorld for a few hours; ouch!

Getting simultaneously punched in the hip and kicked in the ribs; check. Feeling like my lungs are being crushed; yup. Waddling like a penguin; it’s cute right?!

I’m definitely feeling the pressure of mini babe working his/her way down, my hips and pelvic bones are aching. For the first time in any of my pregnancies, my fingers are starting to swell. Nothing too crazy or worrisome but enough to make my half a size too big wedding ring hard to take off.

We’ve finally started getting things together for mini babe (see my 5 must have picks) and have pre-registered at the hospital. D-day just keeps inching closer and closer. I’m guessing (and hoping) that I only have about 4 weeks left, I never make it to my due dates, please don’t let this baby be the crazy exception that drags it out until 41 weeks!





August 27, 2014
by christinacoker

mid week mani

*this post contains affiliate links, thank you for supporting champagne taste

This month’s Julep box arrived about a week ago and featured 3 fun shimmering shades.


The first one that I wanted to try was the orange color in Kirti that has a ton of gold shimmer to it. It goes on like a burnt orange in 2 coats and catches the sunlight beautifully.




Isn’t it a great color to take you into Fall!

Want to try Julep polishes and beauty products for yourself? Customize a box to your preferences and choose between full sized polishes, makeup and beauty products or a mix of them all. Grab your 1st box FREE on me!

Happy polishing!

August 26, 2014
by christinacoker


As the hubbs and I are gearing up for the arrival of mini babe (baby #4) I keep finding myself discovering new products and companies  I adore that either weren’t around with my others or that I’ve just stumbled upon.

Much to my bank account’s delight, I haven’t been going purchase crazy getting ready for this baby. Not only is not knowing the gender keeping me from splurging, but being a seasoned mommy of 3, there are just a few items that I’m stocking this time around. Here are 5 of my baby-sentials and absolute must have products.


1. Aden and Anais swaddles – I can’t tell you how much I love these and I haven’t even used them yet! The moonlight bamboo swaddle set that I chose are so soft and lightweight, which is essential for a baby in this Texas heat. I also love the delicate colors and patterns, there were plenty of gender neutral options for me to choose from. These are also large enough to be used as nursing covers, tummy time blankets, etc…

2. Tommee Tippee 360 sealer diaper disposal system – and the best new invention award goes to….. This new diaper trash can is genius! It individually seals each dirty diaper locking in all those nasty odors. If you’ve ever opened a diaper trash to empty it gotten a whiff of what’s inside, you’ll understand my excitement over this innovative product. Hubbs hated the smell of our old diaper trash can so much that we just stopped using it. Trust me when I tell you, this is a must have!

3. Dr. Smith’s diaper rash spray – It may not seem like a big deal, the difference between a cream or a spray, but it is! Same amazing Dr. Smiths formula in a quick and easy spray form. No mess, no fuss, quick, effective, cuts down on diaper change time and no need to touch and rub something on baby’s sensitive skin should they happen to get diaper rash.

4. Aden and Anais easy swaddle – Same reasons I love my Aden and Anais swaddle blankets + more. Keeps baby cuddled up tight and snug all night without a chance of them wiggling or kicking themselves free.

5. Honest Co. diapers – I don’t think I’m women enough to handle cloth diapers, I know plenty of women who do and I’m in awe of them. Kudos to you ladies! The next best thing, Honest Co. diapers. No harsh chemicals, plant based inner and outer layers and just plain adorable. The patterns and styles available completely make this mama smile.

What about all you mamas out there. What’s 1 newborn essential that you just couldn’t do without?

August 20, 2014
by christinacoker

Mid week mani

*this post contains affiliate links, thank you for supporting champagne taste

Someone needs to explain to my nails that the prenatal vitamins I’ve been popping for the past 33 weeks are supposed to make them long and strong. I don’t know what’s up but my nails have been breaking and peeling and this week are basically down to stubs. So instead of trying to church them up and feature them in a post, I’m sharing with you a few of my current favorite colors from Julep.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Julep subscription boxes. These personalized beauty boxes are loaded with your choice of full sized makeup, beauty products and nail polish and delivered to you every month. I think I might be a subscription box addict but, hey, who doesn’t love receiving packages in the mail?!

  • Claudia is part of the Julep’s birthstone collection. Made to match the August birthstone, peridot, this glitter polish features different shades of green and gold
  • Winter is a creamy grey, just the right amount of not too bright white, to take you into Fall
  • Marieska is a bright tangerine with a touch of shimmer
  • Bea is a lemonade cream color that’s just so refreshing
  • Bailey because, who doesn’t love a fab cobalt blue! This color is great year round



Which of these 5 is calling to you?

Get your 1st Julep subscription box for FREE and become as hooked as I am.

Happy polishing!

August 19, 2014
by christinacoker

Broadway in San Antonio

We’re so fortunate here in San Antonio to have The Majestic Theatre. This historic building located in the heart of downtown is home to Broadway in San Antoino.  All those big names musical you hear about in New York from Wicked to The Lion King are able to be brought right to us in the Alamo City.

Hubby and I love musicals and are fortunate enough to have seen quite a few at the Majestic including, Wicked, The Book of Mormon, Peter and the Star Catcher, Sister Act and more.

The next Broadway shows to appear on stage at the Majestic will be Beauty and the Beast and Dirty Dancing and I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t recognize either of those titles!





Beauty and the Beast will be debuting on September 30th with tickets available for purchase now and Dirty Dancing will make it’s way here November 4th with tickets available for pre-sale August 22nd.

I’m hoping the hubbs and I can make it to both of these shows!

Are you a fan of musicals? Have you ever caught a show at the Majestic Theatre?

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