Win $2000 grant for your community from Huggies


Do you take an active role in your community? Here in San Antonio, there are so many local non-profit causes that I believe in; Culinaria, that helps bring light to San Antonio’s extensive culinary world and top rated chefs, the Great Dane Rescue that, despite it’s name, helps more than just Danes find their forever homes and SA2020 that strives to bring about San Antonio voted goals like environmental sustainability, downtown development and health and fitness.

Each of these organizations run due to support of the community and it’s volunteers. Every dollar donated goes directly into reaching their goals and bettering the city. Imagine what a $2000 grant could do for them.

That’s what Huggies wants to offer to you and the cause that you believe in.
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Brunch anyone?


Okay, confession time. I’m an eater. A big eater. A, how does she fit all that into her body, eater! When I tell you that I’m a foodie, I’m not saying it in a snobby, $10,000 tin of caviar, kind of way. I’m saying it an adventurous, try anything once (or twice, or three times), truly appreciate the craft and flavors of food, kind of way.

This may not be something that you tend to hear foodies say, but I love buffets. No, not chain restaurant all-you-can-eat for $9.99 buffets (cringe), I’m talking gourmet buffets. My favorite one in town is with Chef Robbie Nowlin at Citrus inside Hotel Valencia on the Riverwalk.
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Best of SA


San Antonio, you rock! Thank you for all your support in the @sacurrent "best of" voting

The San Antonio Current released this years “best of” edition and I’m soo thrilled to tell you that I made top 3 “social media personality” along with the uber-fabulous Stephanie Guerra of Puro Pinche and Tori Johnson of The sTORIbook. Yay for women sweeping the category!

Big thank you’s (and thank you and thank you) to every one of you that voted for me; this helps justify why I usually have my phone in hand! And if you’re not following me yet, catch me on both twitter and instagram @Christina_Coker

Mid week mani



If you’re a local reader then you’re well aware that IT’S FIESTA!!! If you’re not from San Antonio, Fiesta is pretty much what it sounds like, it’s basically 10 days of partying in town with everything from parades, food events, carnivals, etc… So this weeks nails had to be bright and fun!

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Filming with SA Live

Jackie Willome Photography-9485-X2

Jackie Willome Photography-9063-X3

After my first segment on local TV show, SA Live, I was thrilled when they invited me to come back and do a couple more; this time on some of my favorite subjects, fashion and beauty (did you catch last week segment on fringe). Obviously, the answer was yes!

I love shoot days, I live for this kind of stuff. Being surrounded by gorgeous designer goodies, pulling and styling looks and just fun girl time with friends! Something about being on camera lights my usually shy, somewhat introverted self up. Sign me up for this as a full time job!
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Culinaria Festival Week


It’s that time of year again ladies and gents. The time of year where I accept the fact that I’m about to put on 5 pounds but it’s oh-so-worth-it because it’s Culinaria’s Festival Week!

You should know of my love of Culinaria by now. A few times a year my blog is overtaken with the foodie goodness that is Culinaria as I share about my favorite local non-profit with you guys. This is one of those times.
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#LOTD + where to shop it

look of the day

LOTD. All you fellow fashionistas that love a good instagram # know what LOTD means. Look of the day.

I love sharing my style with you guys but more often then not, I don’t have a photographer around to capture the look for me. I’m working on that. But in the mean time, I’ve decided to put together some flat-lay outfit inspiration posts for y’all showcasing my style and what you would see me wearing.
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Let’s talk fringe

Jackie Willome Photography-9099-X3

Jackie Willome Photography-9420-X3

Did you catch my segment on SA Live today? Fiona and I were chatting fringe.

Fringe, fringe, fringe. It’s one of the big trends for Spring 2015 and it’s everywhere! I raided Neiman Marcus La Cantera to find every style of fringe to show you. From shoes and bags to skirts and shirts, there’s no shortage of how to easily incorporate fringe into your wardrobe. Wether you’re aiming for a rocker vibe, a boho feel, a pop of sexy or just fun and flirty, different styles of fringe can bring you all of that!
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